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Setting up a shared room for our children can quickly become a puzzle

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Gone are the days when girls ‘rooms were confined to candy pink, and boys’ rooms were deep blue. In 2018, the sleeping area definitely stands out from the clichés to offer children a real field of expression. Thus, there is no longer any question of imposing a gendered room on them. Immaculate from floor to ceiling, tinged with almond green or dazzling yellow, the new children’s bedrooms are bursting with creativity. And it’s not just color to bring their worlds to life; natural materials and decorative accessories are also part of the game.

Pampering the child’s room is essential; and to imagine a personalized universe, it is better to move away from stereotypes. Scandinavian, exotic, natural, or vintage atmosphere, the sleeping area is suitable for all tastes. If pink and blue are not outlawed, they are now placed in the background, leaving the limelight to less marked nuances. Thus greens and ash grays are gaining ground in the night space. They instill a soothing atmosphere, beneficial to the development of toddlers. Boys and girls also love printed wallpapers: jungle style or enchanted forest, the choice may be difficult … 

Before setting up a room for your two children, try to determine together what your requirements are: save space, preserve their privacy, find storage, create a fun and pleasant space … Also, the choice of decoration will be essential for that the two children feel good in a space which is nevertheless common. Far from being impossible, the challenge is not simple either! Listen to them, considering what is possible and what is not.

Small accommodations and the arrival of a second baby often force children to share a room. But before you move, why not simply set up the nursery to make it a space for two? There are various solutions to divide a room, like canopies, curtains, different wallpaper, and even bunk beds to save space! Lots of solutions exist to make your two toddlers live together!

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