Best Ideas to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom


Best Ideas to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

1. Paint a colored wall to enhance the decor of the child’s room

The good decoration idea to steal: the bedroom wall painted in a slate blue shade, really trendy. And yes, in the child’s room, we have the right to a little madness; and in particular wall madness. So why not dare the colored wall? Here, painted in a furiously “in” shade, the bedroom walls take on a second youth. Note: painting the upper part of the wall makes it possible to visually lower a ceiling that is too high.

2. Hang a decorative frame in the kids bedroom

The good decorative idea to stitch: install on one of the walls, a frame with a decorative poster – or several small frames of your choice, depending on the desired rendering – to enliven the room with a decorative touch full of modernity. We choose a colorful poster, with messages, a movie poster, or even a reproduction of a painting, in short, we pimp up the child’s room with a personalized touch.

3. Create a lounge area conducive to reading in the child’s room

The good DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas to steal: a cute lounge area in the child’s room. Nothing could be simpler to offer him a relaxation area in his room: accumulate several floor cushions arranged as a bench against the wall, garnish with decorative cushions and small soft toys, and voila for a personalized rest area.

Decorate Your Kid's Bedroom
Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

4. Install small, thin shelves where you can display your first readings

The good decorative idea to steal: choose decorative and delicate shelves where to exhibit your most beautiful works. We retain the idea of ​​small “line” shelves where you can put books, small decorations, or frames; to be placed at the child’s height so that he can reinvent his decor on his own! And to combine in height or width, depending on the desired decorative effect.

5. Choose a designer chair to boost the decor of the child’s room

The good decorative idea to steal: the pastel pink designer chair that permeates the bedroom decor in a contemporary style, certainly. The little extra: the rocker to rock baby before installing him in his crib. We also like the wall painted with two very soft shades for a poetic bedroom. And also, the suspended metal frame where the baby’s clothes are exposed: cannon!

6. Decorate the walls of the child’s room with a decorative sticker

The good decoration idea to sting: the wall sticker full of tenderness that brings a poetic touch to the child’s room. Easily repositionable, the sticker allows you to change the decoration in two steps three movements. The little extra: choose a phosphorescent model to brighten up your nights!

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