How to make a wire bonsai?


Do you love trees but all your bonsai have succumbed to your diligent care? Thanks to this file, create a decorative and immortal little tree that will be admired by your friends, even those with green fingers! You will need skill, patience, and a certain aesthetic sense because you can give it exactly the shape you would have liked to give to your fire your bonsai!

How to make a wire bonsai
How to make a wire bonsai

What supplies are needed?

  • Very fine iron, copper, or brass wire (according to your means) (in a coil-like sewing thread)
  • Iron, copper, or fine brass wire
  • A small flat pliers
  • A small cutting pliers
  • Large red or green glass beads if you want to make fruit on the tree
  • Transparent green seed beads if you want to make buds
  • A bonsai pot
  • Plaster
  • Black seed beads

You will start by making a branch by taking a thin wire of about 25 cm. fold it in half without the pliers, so as to leave a loop that can always be changed later. Twist it by winding it on itself, leaving 15 cm of wire at the end, to be able to make the roots and the trunk.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, varying the size of the wires between 20 and 30 cm, depending on the number of main branches you want. Then attach the branches to each other securely by winding them one by one at different levels to give an irregular shape to the tree.

Then take the remaining bundle of threads and wind it around itself to make the trunk. Remember to leave about 7 cm for the roots (which will only be partially seen). Wind the remaining wire in pairs or 3 for the roots.

To add secondary branches to the tree, cut the thin wire and wedge it or wrap it over the branches. You can take the opportunity to thicken some of them. With the very fine wire, you can fix the parts that don’t hold together as well as possible and add pearl fruit.

Make liquid plaster that you pour into the bonsai pot and plant your tree there, taking care to let the roots see a little. If the tree plunges too low, change the shape of the roots so that it will hold properly. Once the plaster has hardened stick the black pearls imitating the earth.

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