How to choose a kids desk ikea


Your child is entering CP and you want to buy him a desk for the start of the school year? The choice of such a piece of furniture is never easy because we would like it to accompany the child throughout his schooling. To find the ideal desk for your child, I suggest you take these few criteria into account.

At what age should you buy a desk for your child?
You can buy a desk for your child at any age. If he is still too young to have homework, the fact of sitting in front of his first desk teaches him to occupy himself quietly with plasticine or drawings for example.

If your child enters CP, you still have the choice of whether or not to buy him a desk because at this age he will need his parents to help him. So it’s up to you to see if you prefer him to do them in the living room or kitchen table or if you will accompany him to his bedroom office.

However, an office will remain essentially the day he has to work alone.

Choose the furniture with your child
A desk is not only a support for working, but it is also the table on which your child will sit for his leisure time and a piece of furniture that will decorate his room. It is therefore important that the furniture pleases everyone and that the child is happy to settle in it.

I, therefore, suggest that you suggest making a selection of items for the furniture to please everyone.

Choose an office suited to your needs
Let’s not forget that an office should not only be aesthetic but also functional. It will, therefore, have to include drawers and possibly a door to store binders, notebooks, and books.

Also, take care to measure the height of the table to avoid possible back problems.

How to place the kid’s desk Ikea?
Finally, take into account the space you have to place the desk.

Here are some criteria to take into account to properly place your furniture

It should be placed so that the table is well lit. This can be facing a window or on the side.
If you have space, do not install the desk directly near its games so as not to tempt it.
For a feng shui desk, avoid placing it so that your child is facing the door.
If your child is working or playing video games on a computer, do not place their back to a window as the light will reflect on their screen.
My selection of children’s furniture
Made in Meubles offers solid wood desks. I offer you this selection of furniture that will perfectly suit a child of age to do his homework alone at home.


kids desk ikea
kids desk ikea

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