How to choose kids study table and chair


How do I choose the perfect kids’ study table and chair for my child?

All the keys to creating an efficient and peaceful workspace.

Little genius claims a space of his own to work? For all prices, for all ages, we give you all the keys to create the ideal office that will allow him to flourish and learn.

The ideal dimensions

No need to take the lead, we opt for standard height (75 cm), a depth of 50 cm, and a minimum width of 60 cm, at least, in order to amortize the investment until college. The option of drawers or storage compartments essential to be able to have everything at hand, without cluttering the workspace.

The right brightness

To prevent it from taking full advantage (too much light, it stings, we place the desk perpendicular to the window and we take care of the indirect lighting: a small auxiliary lamp with a lampshade and a flexible foot to illuminate the work area without dazzling. Attention is placed on the left for right-handed people and vice versa for left-handed people.

A comfortable seat

As it wriggles quite a bit up to 12 years old, we opt for a very stable seat type school chair (to find for example at Selency, from $40). College students will appreciate a well-padded and adjustable wheelchaircomfortable, even after 2 hours of work.

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  1. What is the source for the white desk? I’d love to put something like this in my kids’ homework room. Thank you!

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