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Tips to follow to choose the right pillow

Do you get up every morning with the strange feeling of not having rested? The culprit may be hiding under your neck. The pillow is not just for support, it also guarantees quality sleep. Follow the guide of our expert Christine Péjaudier, general manager of Lit national, before purchasing the appropriate model.

1. try the pillow before buying

Try and then, only after, adopt. No need to hastily feel the pillow with your hands or fold it like an accordion to assess its comfort. Find a place where you can lie down to test it. Make sure that your future sleeping companion correctly maintains your head, which must sink in a third to restore the gap between the mattress and the natural height of the head. If the pillow meets your comfort criteria, that’s already a good point.

2. differentiate between a sleep pillow and a rest pillow

Relaxation or deep sleep ? We must admit that we never asked ourselves the question. And yet the pillows support us differently depending on whether we want to sleep for eight hours or relax while reading the latest Yasmina Kadra. To sleep, opt for the rectangular shape, which is better able to support the head and keep it at the same height as the spine. To fill up on zen attitude, go for the square shape, it maintains the head but also the upper body in a sitting position, remains flexible and pleasant and avoids sliding four pillows behind the back and hurting yourself.

3. choose according to your sleeping habits

Choosing a pillow depends of course on comfort, so everything is very personal. But some models are still recommended depending on the positions adopted during the night :

You sleep on your stomach

If most of your nights are spent face down on a mattress, it would be best not to use a pillow! Your vertebrae will stay aligned, and you will keep your swallowing and windpipe muscles from being strained. If you cannot do without a pillow, it should be soft (made of soft down for example), rather flat (5-6 cm thick), or a little filled wool pillow.

You sleep on your back

The pillow should be firm to ensure good neck support but should never break the neck and throw the head back. Be careful with excess, however: a pillow that is too hard can cause migraines. Remember that your head should sink a third into the pillow. If you suffer from neck problems, you can take a “memory foam” pillow that fits but remains compact. Be careful, synthetic materials make you sweat while wool, a natural material, will offer you the same comfort.

You sleep on your side

We choose it more flexible. It should not just encompass the head but also the neck and the ear. Again, wool, never too hard, can do the trick.

4. focus on the main materials


It’s the only material you don’t sweat on. This fiber is very breathable and adapts to the temperature of the sleeper. Depending on the support you want under your neck, you can mold the wool or remove it to find the ideal comfort.

Memory foam

This so-called ergonomic pillow hugs the neck of the sleeper and maintains it to avoid any pain in the neck. However, be careful, the synthetic material makes you sweat and reacts according to the temperature of the room: the hotter it is, the more flexible the foam will be and will adapt to the neck of the sleeper. Likewise, a shape memory model is less suitable for people who are restless at night.

Feather and down

Better to opt for down, of better quality than feather because it is 100% feather-free, this central part of the feather always a little hard. It therefore offers maximum comfort. From very flexible to very firm, there are several densities depending on individual needs. The quality depends on the origin of the goose and the duck.


Very easy to clean and dry. But like any synthetic material, it makes you sweat.

5. know how to part with it after a few years

While it is advisable to change your bedding every ten years, it is better to find a replacement for your pillow every three to five years. With a slumped pillow, your head may no longer be supported.

To prevent it from going flat like a pancake after a year, pat the pillow on opposite sides each morning to return it to its shape. You will save him a year of life!

All you have to do is relax each evening before sinking into the arms of Morpheus.

to do list funny throw pillow for teen girls

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