Farmhouse Staircase Ideas for You


Inspiring Farmhouse Staircase Ideas for You, and ideas for arranging the space under the stairs.

Narrow, difficult to access, the space under the stairs is complicated to arrange. These few square meters can however be optimized to create storage, install a bookcase, an office area, or a small kitchen. Here are 15 suggestions full of tips.
We often give up occupying this cramped space, which is not always easy to access. However, the area under the stairs represents a few square meters which, well furnished, prove to be a real plus in an interior. And sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform this wasted space into a practical and functional corner.
In the entrance, in the living room, or even in the basement, there are several solutions for fitting out the underside of a staircase. The easiest way is undoubtedly to make a storage space. Shelves and cupboards easily find their place there and easily adapt to this complex configuration. In a living room, you can also fit a library, a small office area, or even set up the TV area. Depending on the space available, it is also possible to install a small laundry room or even a kitchen.
With a little imagination and a few clever ideas, you too can optimize this surface full of potential. Here are 15 smart layouts to inspire you.

A cozy reading corner nestled under the stairs

Slightly isolated from the passage, this ultra-cozy little corner will quickly become the favorite place for book lovers. Nestled under the stairs, this bench has it all: a soft mattress and cushions for comfort and storage that slips discreetly under the seat to intelligently occupy all the available space. To copy urgently!

The cat litter box is hidden under the stairs

Thanks to a small opening at the bottom of the door, kitty has a small quiet corner to lie down or, why not, go to do his business. Hidden under the stairs, its litter thus disappears from the passage and the cat can go to the “toilet” without disturbing or being disturbed. It’s smart!

Storage for shoes under the stairs

If you have a very small entrance, you probably lack the storage space to make the coats, shoes, and backpacks of the whole family disappear. Why not occupy the bottom of the stairs? A few boxes are enough to arrange cupboards and create niches in which to store everything you don’t want to see lying around.

An office area under the stairs

Between the entrance and the living room, this small office area has easily found its place under the stairs. Arranged to the dimensions of the alcove, it also has plenty of storage space, installed under the steps. Space is thus occupied at best, and the living room thus benefits from a real work area.

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Farmhouse Staircase Ideas
Farmhouse Staircase Ideas

Farmhouse Staircase Ideas Farmhouse Staircase Ideas Farmhouse Staircase Ideas Farmhouse Staircase Ideas Farmhouse Staircase Ideas Farmhouse Staircase Ideas

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