6 tips for kids bedroom and kids bedroom ideas for small rooms


Children’s rooms are children’s bedrooms, living rooms and play spaces should be added to help children to observe and think about the game elements in children’s room decorations, Pay attention to the selection of creative and educational multi-functional products.

The scientific and reasonable decoration of children’s rooms is of great significance to the healthy growth of children, the cultivation of their independent living ability, and the enlightenment of their wisdom. Specific attention should be paid to the principle of safety and reasonable collocation.

  1. The kids bedroom cannot be located beside the elevator, do not hang too much wind bell below the balcony, otherwise easy to cause child neurasthenia.
  2. The second bedroom door had better not have a mirror.
  3. The ceiling should be flat, with milky white as the best, the ceiling can be decorated with crossbars, but not to hang a variety of strange things.
  4. The floor shall not be covered with deep red and long felt.
  5. The light should be bright and should not be dark red to prevent the formation of an irritable personality.
  6. Don’t face the bathroom door at the bedroom door.

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