Baby boy rooms for small spaces


Small spaces solutions for the Baby boy rooms nursery room.

Do you live in a small area? However, you will have to find a place to install the room of your future baby. The good news is that you normally have a few months left to prepare and stock up on great ideas to discover in pictures.

Integrate storage in the cot

To waste as little space as possible, consider choosing a cot with integrated storage. You will be able to store comforters, slippers, and pacifiers there that you will always keep handy if your baby wakes up in the night.

Invest the angles of a room

In a narrow bedroom, remember not to leave any empty space and especially not to neglect the corners of the room. Here, a small pram has been installed next to the bed of a parental room to save space and a baby corner has been installed right next to the parents.

A changing table above the bed

The changing table is one of the essential accessories in the nursery and yet it is quite imposing. Fortunately, there are models that are very easy to attach and remove from a cot. Ideal for small spaces!

A child’s room converted into a baby room

Are you expecting a second child but don’t have room for them to have their own bedroom? Simply install a cot under a mezzanine and voila! For convenience, choose a model with sliding or easily retractable walls.

Fix your changing table to the wall

Here is a clever accessory to optimize the baby’s room. This wooden changing table attaches to the wall and unfolds to lengthen your little one. The handy thing is that it has several shelves where you can store cleaning products and diapers.

A compact bed and three in one

Whether the nursery is in the attic or in a small space, this three-in-one bed is compact while accommodating a changing table as well as open and closed storage. We couldn’t be more ergonomic! All you have to do is find matching bed linen and you’re good to go.

Install a bed on casters

This model is ideal for infinitely modulating the baby’s room since it has wheels. When the baby is not napping, you can clear the space and take out a play mat, for example, very easily and without hurting your back.

A small rocking bed in the master bedroom

If you prefer to sleep next to your baby during their first few weeks, you can set up a small hanging or rocking crib next to your bed. This model has only one barrier to be able to touch your baby and rock him so that he falls asleep in all serenity.

Everything for baby in a few square meters

This space has been designed so that the little ones are fully optimized for sleeping, changing, and dressing. The various open drawers and storage allow you to store all baby’s belongings without encroaching on the rest of the room.

A shared baby room

Surprise, they are twins! Do not panic in terms of space if you have room for a baby’s room, you can easily install both babies in the same room. Be aware that this can also work if you already have a baby because he will be able to accommodate his little brother or sister in his room.

A baby’s room in the child’s room

Do you have a bigger child? It can also accommodate the newborn in his room. For the cohabitation to go as well as possible, make sure to install the crib in a corner of the room if possible in order to separate the two spaces a little.

A compact nursery

If you do not have a dedicated room for the newborn, you can opt for a compact module that will only require a free section of the wall. It will combine the bed, storage, changing table space, and even a small armchair for the night’s bottle. Very ingenious!

A baby’s room in a corner

Note that you can install your baby in your room by creating a dedicated corner. For example, choose a corner of the room or a recess to install a bed and a changing table dresser in order to use the minimum of space.

A delimited baby room

If you cannot install a baby in a corner of your room, be sure to delimit his space within the room. Just use a strip of wallpaper and a few decorative letters above your bed to create your space even in your bedroom.

A cradle in the parental bedroom

To install a baby in the parental room, you can also bet on a simple cradle that you will place near your bed. Indeed, in the first months, your baby will hardly need more than you!

A separate baby room

If you want to separate the nursery from the parental space, do not hesitate to close the room to create two bedrooms. Use screens, Japanese panels, or even simple curtains to add a room.

A baby’s room in an untapped space

Sometimes homes do not allow you to take full advantage of the space as when you have an under-slope. Baby will not need a high ceiling, his bed will be able to find its place in this unexploited surface.

A baby’s room in a spare room

During the first years of life, your baby won’t need a lot of space. Also, you can easily install your bedroom in a very small room such as a small office or a dressing room.

A baby’s room in another room

If you have a good-sized room such as an office or a guest bedroom, you can install your baby there in order to benefit from a dual-function room. The 2 in 1 is the secret of small spaces!

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Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms

Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms

Baby boy rooms
Baby boy rooms


Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms Baby boy rooms

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