choosing the right bookshelves for children’s room


how to choose the right bookshelves for children’s room

When setting up the elements of a child’s room, there are many things to think about for its comfort but also to facilitate its development. Creative toys will be an asset, but learning to read is essential. On this element, it is important to be creative to give the child the desire to discover the world through reading and that in an autonomous way. to do this, the children’s bookcase is an essential educational tool which, in addition to being aesthetic, will complement the decoration in the child’s room.

To choose the right model, however, you should be aware of certain criteria that will make the tool practical and easy for a young child. We have also established a list of criteria that will allow you to make an informed choice in the type of library to choose from. We will see that the age of the child will have a direct impact on the type of bookcase and that this type of product can also be used for the storage of small toys. The price of a children’s bookcase is not very excessive, which makes it possible to have a practical and functional object inexpensively in the child’s room. We find models with excellent value for money as shown in the four libraries below.

Our advice for choosing the right library for children

If we see the practical side of this type of furniture it is advisable to look at other more technical aspects which may have an impact on the safety of the child. For this, it appears to us to take stock of the criteria for choosing an effective children’s library.

The size of the library: This is the element that will depend on the age of the child. It is considered that for a young child a bookcase must be adapted to his size. So even seated the child must be able to grab a book to discover the images. The idea here is to give the child autonomy so that he can pick up the books himself. We will then go on products more in height within addition cubic storage for children who already have the ability to grab books in height. It is also possible to combine the Montessori observation tower for reading with the child at your height.

The stability of the whole: It must be remembered that a library under a load of books can tip over. For this, it is advisable to choose models that are larger on the base in order to have a product that is not at risk of tipping over. For higher shelves, it is preferable to add fixing brackets to the wall so that the cabinet does not tip over.

The ergonomics of the furniture: Children do not have the same dexterity as adults, it is advisable to start on an accessible piece of furniture which will allow the child to easily choose his books. For example, there are models where the books are arranged on the edge but for the smallest, it is better to show them the cover to encourage the child to choose his reading. Ergonomics are also non-sharp shelves with rounded edges to prevent the child from hurting himself.

Tip: Choose a bookcase on wheels for the little ones that allow you to easily move the reading from the bedroom to the living room for example without having to carry a heavy piece of furniture with the weight of the books.

The type of paint: We are often in the presence of wooden furniture for the bookcase so be careful with the choice of paint that was used on the bookcase. Many manufacturers are now choosing non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Additional elements: The library can have elements such as a coat rack on the side or specific storage to put something other than books. Finally, it is a place often with shelves that will allow personalization of the child’s room with his favorite toys or family photos. We present in our selection of libraries that go in this direction.

bookshelves for children's room
bookshelves for children’s room

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