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girl bedroom designs
girl bedroom designs

Create a teenage girl’s bedroom in 4 steps

Cool 10-year-old Girl Bedroom Designs

There are many handmade decorations in the children’s room, such as the light blue bookcase on the wall and the corner on the ceiling, on which there are many plush toys. And part of the ceiling also put on the wallpaper flowers, so that the atmosphere can be more active, the wall is also a lot of artificial frames.

The most striking thing is that this rocking chair, made of twine, is a swing, And there are colorful wool balls on the rope with pink and red and blue sheets and pink carpets that make the children’s room look colorful.

In fact, you can decorate such a children’s room at home, you need only a sewing machine as well and your ideas.

A girl’s room is like a little corner of paradise… For a teenager, it’s the same with a little fewer princesses and roses! A little more mature what! A place to do homework, a secret place to retreat to listen to music or doodle in your diary. A cozy bed was to dream too! It is well known that in adolescence we spend a lot of time in our room, alone or with friends!

So that this famous teenage girl’s bedroom meets the expectations and needs of your young lady, you should not hesitate to involve her in the decoration and the choice of furnishings. Or simply offer him small “DIY” projects (there are several ways to be inspired by the web !).

To help you out, here are a few ideas straight from our “ teenage girl bedroom ” Pinterest board. You can also create your own inspiration boards, for example by making a collage from magazine images. The important thing is to involve the main interested party in the process!

Step 1: Change the bed in your teenager’s bedroom

High bed, four-poster bed, platform bed, wrought iron bed… There are certainly many choices available for a teenage girl’s bedroom. It all depends on the space, the needs, and especially the tastes of your young girl. But the basis of the decor is often the bed and the duvet. Of course, you can also base your decor on a pattern, color, or unique piece of furniture… The bed is nonetheless a major element of the decor! Here are some lovely ideas!

And once this choice is completed, we work on the decorative elements that will add life and soul to the room. Besides, there are different ways to find interior decorations on the cheap!

Step 2: Create an inspiring little office corner

A place to do homework, draw or browse on your laptop is essential in a teenage bedroom. This corner is also the ideal place to exhibit photos, works, little notes … In short, the office space is customizable at will. “DIY” projects are welcome! Let your imagination run wild and especially that of your teenager. Lighting is also essential, it must be adequate for the work. There are also shelves, storage spaces, furnishings! Space should be both useful and pleasant. Here are some suggestions to help you. Do not hesitate to also consult the article that we wrote on this subject:

Step 3: Find interesting lighting for a girl’s room

It is known, it is the lighting that creates the atmosphere in a room. The play of light, the different intensities… The lighting must be judiciously chosen according to the different aspirations and functions of the room. Lighting for the homework area will be different from lighting for the rest area, for example. What is certain is that the choice is vast: LED string lights, hanging lamp, work lamp… Exploiting several types of lighting to create distinct zones is an excellent option. Here are some fun light ideas!

Step 4: Make a “DIY” project to personalize the space

To complete, here are some “DIY” projects to do with your teenager. A good way to involve him in the decoration of his room and to develop his creativity!

Do you have a boy? We also created a post that brings together our 3 best ideas for creating a teenage boy’s room! And above all, if your project includes paint, consider making space by recycling your leftovers that have been lying around for several years. Visit our site to locate a drop-off point near you.


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