How to Choose Girls Room With Bunk Beds for Your Child


How to choose a bunk bed for your child

As you surely know, the choice of a child’s bed is not done lightly. It is important to take into account certain criteria to make sure you make the right choice.

First of all, know that your child will not be allowed to sleep on a bunk bed until they are at least 5 years old. At this age, he will be perfectly able to go up and down the stairs. This will reduce the risk of falls and other accidents. However, it should not be left alone for too long in the room when playing and checked regularly, just to be careful.

Protection elements

A bunk bed should have the necessary protections to prevent your child from falling out of the bed. In particular, it must have solid edges to prevent falls. Indeed, your child is never safe from danger. During the night he could turn around. Always think about the different scenarios before choosing a safe bunk bed. For example, there are models of beds with bars that are ideal for young children.

The height

If your child is not yet tall enough and independent, choose a lower bunk bed so that they can get on and off without any problem. Also, consider the shape of the ladder. The steps of the stairs must be practical and easy to climb. A lower bunk bed will also make cleaning easier: change of sheets, etc.


Also, check if the model you are choosing is modular. First of all, a modular bunk bed will be much easier to fit into the bedroom. Even if the assembly can take quite a while, it is well worth it, since you can dismantle it whenever you want: during a big cleaning, a move, a change of room, etc.


Solidity does not depend solely on the choice of material. It is also important to check the assembly of each bed frame. In addition, purchasing a bunk bed is a fairly large investment. This is part of the reason why you have to check if the structures are made to last. It is also a very important criterion if your children are used to bickering on their bed.

The dimensions

Choose a model that can grow with your children. It would be a shame to buy a bunk bed at a fairly high price and have to put it aside a few years later since your child will have grown up. Make sure he can enjoy it for at least 5 years, or choose a scalable one.


In order for your children to want to sleep there, the bunk bed must of course be comfortable. Make sure that the mattress is suitable for the size and shape of the bed and that it is firm enough to prevent back pain.

girls room with bunk beds
girls room with bunk beds

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