Kids Room Decorating Ideas


Kids Room Decorating Ideas

It’s time to add some pep to the decor of the child’s room! How? ‘Or’ What? With this digest of great decoration ideas spotted on Pinterest. A graphic wall, a decorative tipi, punchy bed linen, a featured hanging chair …

Now is the time to take care of the decoration of the child’s room; with the desire to bring a good dose of colors, tenderness, modernity, a playful atmosphere, and why not original too. To stock up on good decorating ideas, Côté Maison has selected 15 very inspiring photos in which the decoration of the toddler’s room is certainly a real source of pride for parents!

1. Install a tipi, superstar of the child’s room

The good idea to prick: install a kids teepee in the child’s room; we couldn’t be more trendy at the moment. A real little secret hut, your child will play Indian there and invite his friends over. In addition, this decorative accessory is very easy to make: 5 wooden stakes, string, and scraps of fabric, and voila for a teepee too cute for your little one’s room!

2. Pimp the white wall of the nursery with black polka dots

The good decorative idea to stitch: brighten up the white wall with black polka dots in the nursery room. When you bet on a white decoration, the trick to enhance it and give it even more personality: add touches of color or black to contrast. Here, we are inspired by this refined bedroom that relies on a very simple and damn effective decorating idea: draw circles in black paint on the white wall. We distill a frame and wall storage, and the room then flies towards a very studied decoration, and above all, very attractive.

3. Offer a recuperative office to your child

The good decorative idea to steal: prefer a reclaimed-style desk to bring personality to the child’s room. We love its vintage style made of wooden planks and the multicolored lockers which come to energize the whole. Add one or two school chairs, and your child has free rein to draw, read, play … The little extra: paint the wall behind the desk, with chalkboard paint; your child will thus have a space of expression just for him, in his kingdom.

Kids Room Decorating Ideas
Kids Room Decorating Ideas

4. Color the nursery with the punchy bed linen

The good idea to prick: bring color in the child’s room with the vitamin bed linen. It’s simple and super-efficient. And above all, we dare the original graphics, the funny patterns, and the cheerful colors; without forgetting the color! No limit, when it comes to pimping the toddler kingdom. We also like the black painted headboard wall that contrasts with allure, and the decorative garland made from felt scraps; a homemade easy to make with your child on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday.

5. Decorate the walls with storage in the shape of small houses

The good decorative idea to steal: these poetic little houses that animate the wall of the child’s room, and offer 100% decorative storage. Our tip: buy ready-to-assemble ones – or for the bravest, make them with wooden planks – and paint them to contrast with the color of the wall; or even use masking tape on the edges. They will be displayed like paintings on the walls of the bedroom. We then place the little odds and ends of our dear darlings, like a small cabinet of curiosities. Yep, the bedroom becomes really decorative!

6. Hang paper balls to decorate the children’s room

The good decorative idea to stitch: decorate the child’s room with a bouquet of honeycombed and colored tissue paper balls. Hanging in clusters, three, four, or even five in number, they bring a touch of lightness to the bedroom. To choose in a flashy shade for a punchy atmosphere or pastel for a more poetic atmosphere.

7. Arrange the bed at ground level for a boho-chic bedroom

The good decorative idea to steal: the bed placed on the floor to play the bohemian chic in the child’s room; essential on the other hand to provide a good mattress. On the decorative side, prefer refined linen bed linen and pile up the pillows to create a real cozy bassinet and above all, in!

8. Hang your children’s clothes on a wooden branch for an original decoration

The good decorative idea to steal: this decorative and natural wardrobe created for zero cents. We recover a branch of wood in the forest (dry it before use) then we divert it into a decorative dressing room with the prettiest pieces of his wardrobe! Note: the branch must be able to accommodate the hanger hook.

9. Energize the child’s room with a rattan hanging chair

The good decorative idea to stitch the rattan hanging chair in the child’s room. Ideal for a reading session in a funny chair; to fill with cushions for it to be really cozy. And maybe your child will even join the arms of Morpheus with as much comfort … Note: you can even revamp a classic armchair with legs on which you fix a big rope and a ceiling hook, bought for about twenty euros in DIY stores.



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