How to Choose a Makeup Desk to Set Up a Beauty Corner


How to set up a beauty corner at home?

All our makeup desk ideas to create a beauty corner.

We see it in star dressing rooms, in films and princess tales … The dressing table is the most glamorous piece of furniture that can be found in a house. And for good reason, it offers a privileged moment to its user. To create your own beauty space, we have brought together all our decoration ideas! From the creation of the cabinet to the storage spaces for makeup and jewelry, we have thought of everything. Something to make you want to pamper yourself again and again …

Feminine furniture par excellence, the dressing table appeared at the dawn of the 20th century. Consisting of a chest of drawers with integrated storage and one (or more) mirror (s), it allows you to get ready, put on makeup, do your hair and perfume. If originally, it was bulkier, it is now available in various sizes and shapes to adapt to any interior. On the style side, you can fall for a relatively classic model (like this inspiration) which gives a touch of romanticism to the room in which the dressing table is located. Fans of contemporary decoration can choose a more minimalist version with a piece of furniture with clean lines. In any case, the dressing table gives a glamorous side to your decor, which

Or diverting furniture in the beauty corner

Do you dream of a beautiful space but you don’t want to spend all your savings on the purchase of a dressing table? Do not panic, you can always improvise and divert furniture to imagine a trendy beauty corner! Here are some ideas for creating your own furniture: * Use an old dresser, console, or desk as a dressing table. The important thing is to have the possibility to store your things in the drawers. We are a fan of this DIY signed Bosch. In two steps, the desk takes the form of a dressing table. The good idea? Hide the mirror in a safe to gain space and style! * Go for shelves. It is the most economical solution to create a beauty corner in your interior. And for good reason, you just need to buy shelves and a few small decorative accessories to achieve this. We imagine, for example, a central shelf with a mirror, extra shelves, baskets and baskets for storage, and voila! * Prefer a corner shelf if you don’t have a lot of space. In the same way as the shelves, you can create a beauty corner without wasting space. In short, it’s a bit of a tailor-made hairdresser. Anyway, no

Store your cosmetics

A dressing table is not a beauty corner if it does not include a multitude of products and cosmetics. It’s all well and good to play the star with galore makeup, but you have to be able to put everything away. The good news? There is no lack of ideas! You can, for example, use jars to store cotton, cotton swabs, varnish, and other beauty products. A magnetic board can also save you space. As for vases, cups, and cans (which you can customize of course), they can be used as storage for brushes, brushes, and makeup pencils. How? ‘Or’ What? By placing sand or pebbles at the bottom so that your utensils hold on their own.Cream of the craft. Finally, you can also use a cupcake display to display your makeup, a spice display to display your perfumes … You get it, you just need to use your imagination!

Display her jewelry

As with makeup, the jewelry should find its place in your new dressing table. While off-the-shelf displays, jewelry trees, and jewelry holders do the job perfectly, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own jewelry storage. We think in particular of the perforated panels and mesh frames that can be used to arrange all of your jewelry. If you want to organize yourself, you can also create storage adapted to each type of jewelry. For necklaces & bracelets:* A branch of wood or bamboo to hang on the wall on which you can attach hooks or tacks. * Small glass bottles to customize and repaint to give a touch of pep. This trick works especially for bracelets that you can place around the bottles. * A decorative trophy on which you can hang your jewelry. * Wall hooks or arranged on a wooden board. * Hangers to be fixed to the wall for a more original decoration. For the earrings:* A cheese grater to use the small holes and slide the earrings. * A small birdcage (to be used in the same way as the cheese cutter). * An empty frame where we come to have strings (or pieces of lace for lovers of the bohemian decor) to hang your jewelry. For the rings: * An articulated wooden hand to give a “cabinet of curiosity” look to your beauty space. * A terrarium to display your most beautiful jewelry with elegance and refinement. * Simply a storage compartment! And you, what are your decorating tips for arranging and tidying up your beauty corner?

makeup desk ideas
makeup desk ideas

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