Pink and white nursery decor


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20 colors for the nursery

In the child’s roomcolor is a joy reflex. As soon as a baby arrives, desires for powder pink, deep blue, vegetable green, or soft gray wake up. In order to create a cocoon full of personality, painting is an option accessible to all. With one or more tints on a wall, a plinth, or graphic effects, there are many ways to highlight the color. Beyond the style and the pleasure of the eyes, the painting must be healthy for the child’s room. At the time of purchase, monitor the composition to ensure that it does not contain chemical solvents and does not emit volatile organic compounds. With the aim of limiting indoor pollution, the paints even become better to clean the air by capturing harmful particles. Discover 21 trendy colors for the nursery.

Far from being satisfied with soft and pastel shades, the color is reinvented for the nursery room. The paint with dark and deep tones is displayed on the walls. In search of personality, limits disappear to give way to creativity. The mixture of unexpected color is welcome: royal blue and baby pink, blue Atlantic oil, and blue, lime green and neon orange, etc. The trend advocates difference and a strong personality! In order to choose the desired colors, the best is still to ask the child his desires from a color chart. Her pink bedroom becomes the universe. Over the ages, tastes evolve and the painting adapts to the character of young and old.

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