mistakes not to make for pinterest kids room


mistakes not to make for Pinterest kids room

Arranging and decorating your child’s room is not always an easy task! You have to know how to find the right balance between practicality, personalization, and security. Inadequate furniture, cliché decor, lack of storage … We have put our finger on the 7 mistakes to avoid in your toddler’s bedroom.

In the children’s room, inappropriate furnishings and an impersonal or clichéd decor can hinder their development. It is indeed in this intimate cocoon that they play, sleep, escape and mature. Layout, style, storage, security … To make no mistakes and guarantee the little ones a pleasant night, follow these 7 tips and mistakes not to make

Mistake 1. choosing a bedroom layout that is not suitable for children

How old is your child? What are the functions of its sleeping area? Does he work there, does he play there? Is the room shared between several toddlers? All these criteria must be taken into account when planning the sleeping area for your child, otherwise the child will not feel good there. In any case, “it is important to delimit the different zones in the kids room so that the sleeping area is clearly distinguished from the space dedicated to games”, advises interior designer Coralie Vasseur.

Mistake 2. ignoring children’s development

When fitting out and decorating the children’s room, we often keep in mind their current age. However, children grow up quickly, their tastes change and their needs change . Take this into account from the start, or risk having to change everything from year to year. Avoid, for example, lining their room with too childish patterns or succumbing too greatly to their ephemeral whims. Personalize their sleeping area, but without opting for permanent solutions. “Children’s tastes pass quickly. It is better to opt for neutral for the main parts, such as the walls, floor, and furniture, and to personalize the room via accessories, cushions, or bed linen”, says Coralie Vasseur. Think, stickers that can be easily removed, with frames that can be easily changed to the illustration, or with an evolving bed that will accompany your child over several years.

Mistake 3. opting for decoration in pink or blue

Pink for girls and blue for boys … This slightly sexist color code is outdated: “A girl may very well like blue and a little boy pink”, confirms the interior designer. So why not let your children choose the color they prefer to dress the walls of their room and the furniture that composes it? Green, yellow, white, orange, purple … Choices are available to you, and especially to them. Coralie Vasseur, however, advises against overly aggressive tones: “The boy girl shared bedroom is above all a place of rest and serenity. The child must not be excited or disturbed by too bright colors at bedtime”.

Mistake 4. forgetting the storage in the children’s room

This is not because your children are reluctant to clean their rooms need to ignore the cupboards when arranging their sleeping area. If cupboards and shelves are lacking, your toddler’s toys, clothes, books, and other trinkets will inevitably be lying around. Multiply the storage solutions to optimize the room for the little ones, and favor fun and adapted elements, such as chests or open shelves. Better yet, as interior designer Coralie Vasseur likes to do, invest in a multi-function bed that includes drawers. The storage units integrated into the bed occupy the same volume as the bed, which frees up considerable space in the bedroom and leaves the field open to the play area.

Mistake 5. ignoring children’s tastes

Going for an overly grown-up or impersonal style in the children’s room is a big mistake! It is their intimate space, they play there, grow up there, sometimes do their homework, and thrive there. Coralie Vasseur is of the same opinion: “It is interesting to have the opinion of the children and to involve them in their universe. They have their say … as far as is reasonable”. It is therefore essential that they let their personality and imagination express themselves. They run the risk of not recognizing themselves in a decoration that is mature and neutral in the extreme, and of not feeling “at home” in their own space. Without letting them decide everything, ask them their opinion on the colors they prefer or the style they like and include them in the big decisions to be made. It’s their room, after all.

Mistake 6. placing furniture or decor too high

It would be a shame if your children did not take full advantage of the furniture or the decoration of their own room because they were placed high up, out of their reach. Make sure to arrange the decorative accessories, toys, and storage dedicated to them at their height so that they can fully enjoy them, without frustration and in complete independence.

Mistake 7. shutting down security issues

Even if your child is no longer a baby, it is important not to forget his safety, especially in the room where he is often left alone and unsupervised. “Angular furniture at head height should be prohibited to prevent the child from bumping into it, floors that are too hard or glass furniture that can shatter,” recommends Coralie Vasseur. Instead, opt for soft floors and furniture with rounded corners. Also remember not to place heavy objects high up to prevent them from falling on your toddlers, use socket covers and adhesive to secure the mats to the floor.


pinterest kids room
pinterest kids room

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