teen girls room ideas 30 Feminine room ideas for teen girls


teen girls room ideas 30 Feminine room ideas for teen girls

Is your teenager tired of his bedroom too childish, and wants a more mature decoration? Nothing’s easier! Without completely redoing the decoration of your room, you will be able, thanks to our 90 tips, to transform your child’s room into a cozy nest for teenagers. Something to make you want to chill in your room!

In your eyes, your child is still a baby but he can’t take it any longer in his kid’s room? It is completely normal and understandable. He is in this in-between where he is no longer a child but not yet an adult and needs a decoration that looks more like him. 
His tastes evolve and it is essential that his room reflects this. After all, for a teenager, his room is his cocoon, his universe, and his privileged space.

Do you want to surprise him and transform his child’s room into a teenager’s room? The intention is laudable, but avoid redoing the decoration of his den without talking to him. On the one hand, you may not be aware of his preferences, and most importantly, he would risk stepping in.

Instead of preparing a surprise in your corner, involve them in the process. Not only will this allow him to express his creativity, his tastes, and his desires, but above all, it will allow you both to have a special time. And with teenagers, it’s quite rare!

Respect the tastes of your teenager

Are you a Mozart fan but your teenager is more into the Future? Don’t lament the “good old days” music! Instead, remember the days when you loved songs your parents hated.

Does he want to paint the walls yellow? To completely change the layout of his room? From a hanging mirror ball?

Respect his tastes and decorative desires. Of course, if he wants to break down the four walls of his bedroom to annex the living room, you can veto.

To avoid “drama,” set limits on your teen’s creative outbursts ahead of time and budget. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Don’t throw it all away!

You don’t have to throw it all in your teenager’s bedroom! With a few DIYs, you can perfectly transform your child’s bed into a teenager’s bed, repaint its furniture, or even use some of its old toys as decorative elements.

Think together about their future needs and work for hand in hand to turn their possessions into treasure.

A functional teenage bedroom

For decoration, you can trust your teenager to be full of ideas! However, don’t forget that your bedroom must above all be functional. Before being the place where his friends come to chat, it is above all the place where he sleeps and especially does his homework.

To save space and transform your bedroom into a reception room, you can bet on mezzanine beds or retractable beds that can quickly and easily be hidden to make room for ottomans.

Likewise, you can opt for a retractable desk to free up space once the homework is done.

Another option: the segmentation of the room. Regardless of the size of your teen’s bedroom, you can create different spaces like a work area, a sleeping area, and a fun area. Screens, curtains, and play of colors on the walls will be your allies in delimiting universes.

A tastefully decorated teen bedroom

Teens tend to fall for a thousand and one decorative objects and want to accumulate them. So the time has come to teach him that less is more: if we accumulate too many things, the prettiest do not come out and are hidden in the crowd.

To change the look of your room without breaking the bank, the must is to dress the walls in a canvas or a drawing that sticks perfectly to your desires. Very simple bed linen and furniture: and here is the work!

For the choice of decorative objects, it’s your teenager to choose! Give him carte blanche (with a predefined budget, it goes without saying) for the decoration and come in relay to help him fix the wall decorations or to define the place where to put such or such trinket. 
This exercise will teach him not only to manage a budget but also to take full ownership of his room. If he did the latter alone, he will be more inclined to put it away regularly and keep it clean at all times!


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