50 Amazing Kid’s Desk Ideas


50 Amazing Kid’s Desk Ideas


As soon as he enters CP, your child will need to have a place of his own where he can work. A small office will be sufficient at the start. Then, you will have to plan something to store your books and notebooks.

When entering 6th grade, we recommend that you equip your college student’s desk with multiple drawers or a compartmentalized box in which he can classify his things by subject.

Which office for my child?
Organize a corner for him to work from the first grade
It can be a very small office, but it’s important that it has a place to sit to do your homework and store your things for work.

From college, choose a desk with multiple drawers

This is an Ikea desk made up of a trestle and 2 drawer units in which the lessons are organized by subject. From the 6th, the college student will have to organize himself with all these new subjects.
We really recommend that you help him with a compartmentalized box in which he can organize his lessons and the material that goes with it. Practical or even essential to pack the satchel and thus avoid forgetting equipment and notebooks!

We found 2 types of boxes:
– the Ikea cabinet divided into 5 drawers (you need 2 to put all the materials) on which we put aboard, choice of Ikea boxes here

– the plastic box that can be placed on the desk and found in hypermarkets or online

Tested and approved, these boxes change the life of college students who quickly find notebooks and books for different subjects!

Then the desk will have to be big enough for him to put his large notebooks and books down and work properly.

If children share their room, they should each have their own desk
The children share the same room and it is necessary to find the place to install them each an office.

The most compact: 2 wooden planks, the depth of which you determine according to the space you have available, which rest on storage boxes that allow you to store all school items without taking up more space!

Ideal: provide them with storage space for everyone, such as this pedestal bookcase which divides the space while offering practical storage.

Clever, the kitchen table has been sawn in the middle and a small bookcase supports the part without the legs and separates the space in two!

Be vigilant in the office chair
Pay attention to the office seat. It must be suitable and adjustable in height. Your child spends time in it and with the wrong seat your child will adopt a wrong position and their back may suffer (scoliosis). Also remember to put a small cushion, type cake.

Complete the office with practical and adapted storage
To help your child to work well, he needs an OR-GA-NI-SE desk, with especially enough to store it. We suggest you:

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes to compartmentalize!
If the desk is too small or without storage, sturdy cardboard or colored plastic boxes can be placed under or next to the desk and thus avoid the mess.

A large slate wall sticker will be perfect for doing his calculations or writing down what he must remember in the evening for the next day!

Put at your fingertips the essential tools to promote good work habits
Age-appropriate dictionary for spelling and “little research” (much faster than Wikipedia!)
Bilingual dictionary from the 6th year (avoid translators!),
Bescherelle “conjugation”,
Compass, scissors, ruler, set square … taking care, of course, to explain how to use it.
Kit with the essentials so as to leave the “official” kit at school (that’s always less in the satchel!), Or in their bag (no risk of forgetting it!)

We take the school timetable on an excel file with colors to identify the different subjects more easily and add extra-curricular activities.

We print out the timetable in triplicate:
– the 1st will be posted in the person’s room in a plastic sleeve,
– the 2nd will be slipped into the smart sprite so that everyone can easily consult it
– the 3rd will be displayed on the fridge for example
And we take a picture of it to always have it at hand!

As we are nice, we have prepared templates for you to personalize the schedule:
• Child-type timetable for college or high school
• Child-type timetable for primary school

For the on-call duty, help him with a very clear schedule
For children who have a “daddy’s house” and a “mum’s house” establish a very visual monthly calendar with the days at daddy’s and the days at mum’s in 2 different colors, and invest in the second set of textbooks to avoid stress school affairs in addition to the rest …

Be very careful with screens
Adopt strict rules for the use of screens, especially during homework. Do not hesitate to force them to put all their screens in a basket placed in the living room for example during their homework so that they are not tempted to consult them. Snaps or messages constantly received prevent them from concentrating and the work will suffer!

Take the time to follow them well during the first weeks to put everything in place by showing them the objectives of each “tool” … an automatism only comes after 21 repetitions on average!

Kid's Desk Ideas
Kid’s Desk Ideas

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