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Amazing Interiors Design

Out of ideas for decorating your children’s room? This selection of tutorials will allow you to offer them a fun and colorful universe, where it will be good to take refuge!

For a unique and original nursery decoration, nothing beats the hand-made!

How to arrange a child’s room?

Children spend most of their time in their bedrooms, whether it is playing, sleeping, reading, dreaming, or doing their homework. This room must, therefore, be furnished and decorated as best as possible so that they feel good there. Among the essentials: a cozy bed, a child’s desk adapted to their size, a bookcase to store their books, a chest, or a toy trunk as well as a wardrobe for their clothes. Then it’s up to you to customize this furniture according to the tastes of your child and the universe you want to create. Choose soft materials and colors that will give the child’s room a reassuring atmosphere, like a little cocoon.

A DIY nursery decoration

Ready to roll up your sleeves? We transform the bed, the desk, and the cupboards into playful pieces of furniture so that the children take pleasure in working, do not be reluctant to go to sleep, or no longer moan when tidying their room. Thus, we decorate the bed with paper squares for colorful dreams. You can even dare to transform it into a fortified castle to house his dreams of a princess or a knight. Cover the desk with slate paint for fun homework, and add nifty storage systems so that his work area is conducive to concentration. We transform the wardrobe into a lovely birdhouse, we invent a table and stools in the shape of a mushroom to activate the imagination of children.

Once you’ve revamped the furniture, let’s move on to decorating the nursery. Use afternoon tea to make a rug in the shape of a cookie, put pictures of his favorite characters in house-shaped photo frames, create magnetic boards to store toys, and make pretty box storage with colored pencils.

The possibilities of patterns and colors are numerous but your child will be happy to improvise as a site manager so that the decoration and furniture of his room reflect his personality as much as possible.

Find all of our DIY ideas for a child’s room below! 

Amazing Interiors Design
Amazing Interiors Design

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