How do you make a kids room fun?


Now that you’ve chosen the colors and know where you want them to be in the room, it’s time to get creative.

  • Bed linen

Choose a bed set that matches the theme you have chosen for the entire kids bedroom. If the walls are plain and in neutral tones, you can let loose on the bed linen. The patterns will then wake up the decoration. You will find pretty models at Zara HomeH & M homeIkea for very reasonable prices… The motifs offered are delicate and go very well in the rooms of children. Avoid if possible to fall into the cheap of superheroes and other princesses to excess …

  • Lighting

Sometimes it is enough just to bet on the lights for the atmosphere of the room to change completely. There are pretty suspensions to stage the children’s room like this:

String lights are perfect for lighting up a dark corner.

An original bedside lamp and a colorful desk lamp are perfect for our children’s decor.

make a kids room fun
make a kids room fun
  • On the walls

You can hang a quote from one of his favorite heroes to make sure he or she tidies his or her room!

Rather than cramming her drawings into a pocket or closet, frame them and hang them on the wall of her bedroom. This will allow you to change your decor as you go and have a very personalized result.

You can paint the lower part of a wall, with slate paint, to give free rein to his creativity …

  • An original library

Since it is fashionable to encourage our children to read (rather than watch TV), set up a nice original bookcase and its size so that he can enjoy choosing his books.

  • Colorful baskets and boxes

In a child’s room, there is always a whole bunch of toys and other soft toys that our toddlers love to have always on hand. By focusing on small accessible storage, you will help them tidy up their room more easily. At the same time, you ensure a successful decorative effect.

  • Hooks

To allow your children to hang up their clothes rather than leaving them lying around on the floor, you can opt for decorative hooks. Be sure to hang them at their height to promote autonomy. Otherwise, it will always be up to you to do it… There are plenty of models for children, but if you feel like it, you can recycle toys that they no longer use. To make a playful hook for them, cut several toys in half and glue them on a wooden board, which you will then hang at the desired height. You can paint them in the color of your choice, to harmonize it with the decoration of the room. Guaranteed result.

Now it’s your turn!

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