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kids room ikea hacks

Looking for ikea toy storage hack and kids room ikea hacks?

When they litter the floor and invade every nook and cranny of the house, toys are a delight for children and a nightmare for their parents. To reconnect with the pleasure of a tidy interior, follow our guide to our toy storage ideas …

1. I bet on storage boxes

Faced with toys that have an unfortunate tendency to pile up from the living room to the garden, storage boxes can work wonders. Equipped with a cover and available in all sizes, they are second to none when it comes to clearing up.

In plastic, cardboard, or covered with fabric, these compartments are available in all materials and colors: they will perfectly adapt to the decoration of the room of your cherubs.

Due to their square or rectangular shape, storage boxes make it possible to optimize space: they are easy to stack and store. There are also large, very low boxes with wheels that can be slid under your child’s bed.

Our advice? Choose them in transparent plastic! This will prevent the search for your child’s favorite toy from turning into a real treasure hunt… A hell of a time saver!

It is also possible to opt for storage boxes, but these are less aesthetic. In addition, the absence of a cover for this type of storage bin is a real invitation to dust. Who will not fail to interfere between the toy cars and your child’s Lego!

2. I keep the original packaging

To fit a doll, an articulated robot, a book, a spinning top, and a remote-controlled car in one and the same space is a feat. And for good reason! Toys have a multitude of shapes that make it difficult to store them in a small space.

The solution? Keep the original packaging! They will act as boxes and become valuable allies in your quest for a tidy room. You already use this system for board games: it’s time to apply it to other types of toys.

Beyond its practicality, this storage system also has an ecological side, since it avoids waste. A small gesture for the planet, a big step for your interior!

3. I sort the toys by type

If your little one does not know where his favorite toy is stored, he will have only one idea in mind: find it! Even if it means taking on the appearance of a hurricane which devastates everything in its path!

The trick? Storage by type of toy. Finding the coveted figurine will then be a child’s play since it will be in the corner … of the figurines! A more organized solution than the usual chest, and its loose toys.

Of course, this strategy will only work if you educate your child to put each toy back in its place as they use it. There is also something for him: you will never have to tell him “tidy up your room” again!

If your boxes are not transparent, you can label each one with a picture or text (depending on your child’s age). This should help him to respect this categorical organization of his affairs as well as possible.

4. I use the toys as decorative elements

Another tip for storing toys: display the most beautiful of them on a shelf or in a bookcase. Thus highlighted, they will become decorative elements in their own right. Here is a 2 in 1 toy storage idea, which will bring charm to your room!

This original solution should be used with moderation, in order to avoid the effect of an overloaded room.

5. I collect the soft toys in a hammock

Lint often has a tendency to be invasive. If you are tired of tripping over your toddler’s soft toys, you might consider purchasing a plush hammock.

Once installed, this net system hung on the wall (by clips or suction cups) is very practical. A storage idea for decorative toys that we do not necessarily think of!

6. I put a spell on toys that have become unnecessary

Fashions pass and spread in schoolyards like wildfire. Goodbye, yesterday’s a toy, and make way for tomorrows! While we should not hesitate to give away toys that have become useless, we are sometimes reluctant to do so (especially for those with a strong sentimental value or that we want to keep for the next child).

The solution to clearing up your child’s room? The storage in a storage locker! A trick for storing toys that has the advantage of not cluttering up your interior … All without having to move or have to break the bank.

Saving space is child’s play: all you have to do is do the big sorting!


kids room ikea hacks
kids room ikea hacks

kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hackskids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks kids room ikea hacks  kids room ikea hacks

kids room ikea hacks
kids room ikea hacks

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