Modern and Minimal Wall Shelves for Kids Rooms – The String Shelf


Modern and Minimal Wall Shelves for Kids Rooms – The String Shelf

Does your child like to read and scatter his books on the floor to choose them? Why not set up a reading corner so that he can devour his favorite books in peace.

For this, you will need a library to store and organize his books.

Do you think that this essential piece of furniture is necessarily imposing? Think again. The booming children’s decoration market offers solutions that combine comfort, good taste, and safety.

So read this article and your toddlers will have no more excuses to scatter games and books.

Tip 1. Optimize small spaces

From a practical point of view, the bookcase is THE piece of furniture that optimizes the storage of space. Indeed, its shallow depth, between 20 and 40 cm, allows it to occupy little floor space.

If this is still too cumbersome for your interior, there are different solutions.

Already, nothing requires you to have this piece of furniture in the bedroom. The reading corner can very well be arranged in the living room or in a games room. The lack of space should not prevent you from offering your child a relaxation area. Let’s take a look at the options available to you.

First, define your needs: what types of books do you have? In what quantity? Would you also like to store toys or objects there?

Children’s bookshelf

One of the first solutions is to attach wall shelves. It is a very economical solution in terms of space and just as practical for the little ones. Some put this type of shelf in cupboards, remove the door and put a curtain on it to create a bookcase and a reading nook without encroaching on the space of the room.

Cube or case library

Discreet or original, it’s up to you to choose the case bookcase that will delight your child!

You can also use cubic or bottomless box bookshelves to create a partition. This will allow you to separate a room into several zones.

Children’s bedroom bookcase bed

There are libraries integrated into the furniture. For example, you can find mezzanine beds with an integrated library area. Niches are arranged below or above the headboard to accommodate your children’s books.

Library on casters

You can also find library furniture on casters. It is convenient for moving the cabinet from one room to another, freeing up space if necessary, and for cleaning the bedroom.

Modular bookcase

You can also opt for a modular bookcase. You put together blocks of different sizes to create the bookcase that fits into the space you have.

Finally, there remains the solution to building a custom-made library that will take into account the specificities of your living space.

Tip 2. Choose safe furniture to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.

The first concern of parents is the safety of their children. A new piece of furniture provided it is safe for his toddler.

For this, choose a piece of furniture certified NF (French Standards). This assures you that the product complies with national, European, and international standards and guarantees you safety and quality.

There are shelves in metal, wood, cardboard,…. Choose sturdy and easy-to-maintain materials. Ban glass bookcases and favor wood, which will be the right investment in the long term.

Favor solid wood, as composite wood contains glue that your child can breathe in.

Depending on what your bookcase will contain, you may decide that certain items will not be accessible to children by placing them high up.

Finally, make sure that the cabinet is securely attached to the wall to avoid falling. I advise you to choose shelves that have crossbars to prevent books from slipping.

Tip 3. Make your library attractive to your child

A safe library is validated. Now you have to make it attractive to your cherub.

You can have fun with shapes and colors to create a happy mood. Why not give your bookcase an amazing shape: a letter of the alphabet, a tree, a house or a car. If you’re not a handyman, don’t worry, there are plenty of them on the market.

Vary the color combinations. Unless you prefer pastel tones, you can dare flashy colors. Alternate colors to give rhythm to the whole. Decorate your furniture with your children’s favorite heroes. This will vary depending on their gender and age. All fantasies are allowed. The idea is to make this piece of furniture playful for your child to love it.

The furniture must also be accessible. Take into account the height of the child so that he can access the books alone.

To make everything cocooning, why not set up a reading corner by placing a small mattress with cushions or even a tipi on the floor?

If you choose a boxed bookcase, the bottom can contain baskets or closed bins to store toys, stuffed animals or coloring books.

Tip 4. Realize the Benefits of a Children’s Library

The library is a piece of furniture that makes life easier for all parents. The effectiveness of its presence in the home is proven for the development of your child.

Giving children access to books from an early age gives them good reading habits. Having your books close at hand can only develop your taste for reading. He can find a book in the blink of an eye, just by identifying its cover.

In the first few months, the child does not need to have a large number of books at his disposal. He likes to find the same stories. From 18 months, you can add documentary books to your child’s library to learn and satisfy their curiosity.

In addition, having a library will allow him to store his books and toys himself since each element has a dedicated place. A place for everything and everything in its place. By developing a storage system and explaining it, your child will quickly be independent. You can set up simple rules. For example, decide that all the magazines will go on the blue shelf, the coloring books on the red shelf, …

Tip 5. a library for all budgets

At this stage of the article, I imagine that you are saying to yourself: “A library, why not, but at what cost? “Well, I’ll reassure you right away by telling you that you can buy a bookcase for your child for the modest sum of $25. Then the prices vary between $50 and $100. You will find high-end libraries for $200.

If all this seems excessive to you or you cannot find a model that you like, you have the solution to build by yourself the library that will make your child dream. It is part of the furniture that you can make yourself in a very short time. You will find many tutorials and videos on the net.

You can also recover a piece of furniture and customize it according to the tastes of your child while making him participate. This is an activity that will keep the whole family busy.

This article has given you many tips for choosing the right library without compromising on security.

Now that you know everything about children’s bookcases, take some time to set up his reading corner and choose the bookcase that suits him.

Wall Shelves for Kids Rooms
Wall Shelves for Kids Rooms

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