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Here are some hidden tv ideas, we have TV wall ideas hidden tv, you can buy a hidden tv cabinet in your living room.

For a well-decorated living room, do you want to hide the television? Check out our easy to use tips to hide it.

We love to sit on the sofa to watch TV, but in the living room, it can seriously mar our decoration. Indeed, television is not very aesthetic, which is why many households prefer to give it up. Instead of putting the television in the closet, why not opt ​​for an effective solution to hide it when you no longer want to watch it? Indeed, there are techniques that allow you to play with it in order to blend it into the background, or even make it disappear, easily.


To properly position the television in your living room, you have to take into account the openings. Indeed, daylight can greatly interfere with your visual comfort and dazzle you, or even cause reflections on the screen. So, do not place your television next to a window or on the wall opposite the windows.

Likewise, position your television neither too high, at the risk of your neck hurting, nor too low, or your gaze will be absorbed by the elements at your height.


In the living room, solutions are available to you to integrate the television into the decor or make it disappear:

Play with color: To hide the TV in the living room, color is a great option. Choose a dark color on the wall where you install the television to create the illusion and to successfully transition between the black of the screen and the wall behind it.
Include the television in a composition of frames: make the television disappear by placing it in the middle of other objects. Create an accumulation of frames around the screen.
Place the television in a storage unit: whether in a bookcase or a shelf, place the television in the middle of books and decorative objects to hide it.
Eclip the television thanks to tailor-made: by installing the television in a custom-made cabinet with sliding doors, you can make it appear and disappear easily, as you wish.

tv wall ideas hidden tv
tv wall ideas hidden tv

hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas hidden tv ideas

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