How to Decorate Kids Rooms


Decorate Kids Rooms
kids room ideas


Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

The best rooms for your kids are designed to carry several beds and still leave extra space for toys the kids to move around easily, the room should also have storage shelves for keeping books and toys and needs to be well decorated and have fun beds to make sleep times enjoyable. Other important factors to consider while designing a good kids room is the coloring and the type of furniture to use. A fancy room will have the kids enjoy staying and sleeping in their rooms. Here are some of the best ideas for your kid’s rooms whether its a nursery, boys, or a girl’s room.

Twin Beds

Twin beds can be arranged head to head, side by side, or far apart depending on your style of choice. In head to the head arrangement, the beds can be towards a corner or against one wall if the room is narrow. Side by side and far apart arrangement can share headboards or have matching headboards. The headboards can be decorated and have fixed lamps or be made of cushioned material. Twin beds are ideal for twins and large rooms or guest rooms.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be designed to have sleeping decks both at the top and the bottom or have a study at the top. Those that have the study at the top are used to separate playing areas and the studying area and are ideal for homes that have toddlers and teens.

Tent Beds

These beds are designed to look like tents and are always low laying. The tent can have separate lighting and can be covered or left open. Another way to achieve a tent look is at widths of log cabins where the bed is fixed on the wall these beds look good decorated or painted with multiple colors. This style is ideal for toddlers or teenagers who like camping.

Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms are ideal for narrow rooms, suitable for neutral gender teens and for sleepovers. They can have separate lighting and sockets.

Pent Houses
A small penthouse within the bedroom accessed by a wooden staircase is another design that comes with fun for kids. The pent can either be a sleeping area or storage. This helps kids with Acrophobia problems and the storage of old items.

Loft Beds

With loft beds, the sleeping deck is on top accessed using a portable staircase or a ladder while the bottom is a study or a playing area. The best lofts have lamps on the walls or their frames. They are ideal for school going teens.

Customized Beds

Customized beds accompanied with matching color theme in the room is another idea as it helps kids have good dreams. For example, a bed that looks like a car can be fascinating if the room has a rhyming color theme or artwork on the walls. As for new arrivals the best cots are fenced with on the sides with drawers at the bottom to keep dippers.

Kids rooms can be decorated using multiple color themes, wallpapers, picture frames, decals, or artwork done on the walls. The curtains can also be decorated ones or have bright colors and floors covered with decorated rugs and carpets. The room can also have theme lights and for toddlers and new arrivals hanging decorations can be intriguing. The wardrobes can also be decorated and have shelves and drawers for keeping toys and stationery.

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